November 19, 2013

SEO - More tips on backlinks:

Backlinks are simply links to your etsy shop and the items you are selling. One very important thing to remember is that when you leave your shop link, remember to leave the long link instead of the shorter Use the shorter and easier to link marketing materials like business and thank you cards but always use the longer one when you leave a link on the internet. Why? Go to Etsy and click on your shop. You will see that the longer name is the actual url that etsy uses. It is much easier for Google to use and rank that url.

October 8, 2013

Some exciting news to share, be sure to watch "David Tutera: Unveiled" on Saturdays, @ 9pm on WE TV! Featuring my 'Once upon a Time' baby shower book that I designed for Davids baby shower.

Quote for the day!

The cream always rises to the top.

M shop,

I joined an Etsy SEO team and had some really good advice from Cindy from CindyLouDoesStats and here is a little excert from it here:

Following these 6 steps should increase your traffic.

1) Find commonly-searched keywords/phrases for your products that do not have too much competition for you to be able to get standing on Google for them. You can use the Google Keyword tool:
& also the suggested searches (that appear when you start typing) on both Etsy & other search engines. 

2) Use these words throughout your shop & listings – shop title, shop announcement, shop sections, item titles, item descriptions. Use exact strings of keywords when they are your target search; matching exact keyword phrases is important on Google.

3) Put the most important words near the beginning of titles, descriptions & announcements. For descriptions, repeat those important words/phases more than once, but do not go overboard.

4) For announcements & descriptions, write naturally – do not just use a string of keywords. Titles need to be longer than 3 words but less than 10, generally. Google prefers 70 characters or less, & remember that Etsy will cut your title to add your shopname to the end on Google.

With the announcement from Etsy yesterday about hiring people from different locations opens up a whole big can of worms!